Brad Pitt sues Angelina Jolie over vineyard where they got married

Brad Pitt is suing his ex-wife Angelina Jolie for selling her stake in the French vineyard they bought together.

The couple purchased a controlling interest in Chateau Miraval in 2008 and got married there six years later.

Pitt says he and his former wife agreed not to sell their stakes in the venue without the permission of the other.

But Jolie sold her share to a spirits manufacturer owned by a Russian oligarch, according to the lawsuit. Jolie has not yet commented.

Lawyers for the Oscar-winning actor said Chateau Miraval, comprising a home and vineyard in the south of France, had “become Pitt’s passion” and, under his stewardship, had grown into a “multimillion-dollar international success story”.

Chateau Miraval
Image caption,The Miraval estate is in the village of Correns in south-east France

The legal documents, filed in Los Angeles on Thursday, said Pitt helped ensure the profitability of vineyard, which was “one of the world’s most highly regarded producers of rose wine”.

He said Jolie sold her stake without his knowledge to a Luxembourg-based spirits manufacturer controlled by Russian businessman Yuri Shefler.

“She sold her interest with the knowledge and intention that Shefler and his affiliates would seek to control the business to which Pitt had devoted himself and to undermine Pitt’s investment in Miraval,” the lawsuit claimed.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Jolie and Pitt got divorced in 2016

His lawyers said the move had intended to cause “gratuitous harm” to Pitt, who had “poured money and sweat equity into the wine business”.

The Miraval estate, in the village of Correns in south-east France, was reportedly bought by the couple for around 25 million euros (£20.9m).

Pitt and Jolie dated for 10 years before marrying in 2014. She filed for divorce in 2016.

Jolie “informed Pitt in writing” of her decision to sell to Shefler in January 2021, saying she had reached a “painful decision, with a heavy heart”, the suit alleges.

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