About Us

Couk.news is a project implemented by Yiğit Holding and Tin Consulting in 2021. It presents technology, science, application and game news on the agenda of the world and Turkey to its users in a language that everyone can understand. does, it aims to raise the awareness of its visitors about the technology world by providing only the necessary information. As the second goal, it aims to provide its users with a career as a news writer and columnist remotely, in accordance with their interests, in the developing world.

Couk.news is a neutral technology news portal and produces its content together with its own writers and its users who are interested in real news writing. It aims to be a portal that aims to create an environment where they can reach the masses and to make money through the content they produce. In addition, it offers its users who choose Couk.news to read accurate news, articles and videos and up-to-date content in the field of technology they are interested in, free of charge.

You can use the email address info@couk.news to contact the Couk.news team. For more detailed transportation information, visit the contact page.

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