Uttar Pradesh: 13 dead after falling into well in Kushinagar

At least 13 people have died after falling into a well during a wedding ceremony in the northern Indian state…

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Parrots for sale: The internet’s role in illicit trade

Row after row of thin barred cages hold brilliantly coloured birds whose screeches fill the air with a deafening noise.…

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Mount Everest: Mountain’s highest glacier melting rapidly, new study shows

Climate change is causing the highest glacier on Mount Everest to melt at a rapid pace, a new study has…

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China joins Russia in opposing Nato expansion

China has joined Russia in opposing further Nato expansion as the two countries move closer together in the face of…

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Lata Mangeshkar: Beloved Indian singer dies at 92

Lata Mangeshkar, one of India’s most beloved singers who provided the soundtrack to hundreds of Bollywood films, has died aged…

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